Leaving the Scene

Leaving the Scene Criminal Charges

It is against the law in the state of Florida to leave the scene of an accident, also known as a “hit and run”. The criminal charge for leaving the scene is either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances of the incident. A person convicted of a hit and run may be sentenced to jail or prison and fined. Additional penalties may include probation, community service and court ordered counseling programs. An individual charged with leaving the scene of an accident should immediately contact a West Palm Beach DUI attorney for legal advice concerning a very serious charge. DiRenzo & Weick defend many clients against allegations of leaving the scene of an accident or crime.

Defense for Leaving the Scene Crimes

There are two type of leaving the scene crimes. A misdemeanor charge would involve crashing a car and leaving it at the location. Leaving the scene of an accident that includes extensive property damage, with serious injuries or deaths is a felony crime. In either case, punishment increases for a DUI caused accident and the drunk driver leaves the scene. Society frowns on those people who leave the scene of an accident and law enforcement works hard to find those offenders. Accident witnesses may identify an individual who flees an accident. Leaving the scene of an accident is never a good idea and the consequences for doing so are great.

An individual accused of leaving the scene or LSA needs a criminal defense lawyer who can aggressively defend against the serious criminal charges. In a criminal case, the prosecution must present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the alleged crime occurred. A defense attorney can challenge the evidence by attacking the police reports, arrest records and procedures, and witness statements. Challenging any forensics is also part of an effective defense. DiRenzo & Weick are qualified attorneys recognized by the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. The goal of our firm is the best possible outcome for clients charged with criminal charges. Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys.

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