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The Broward Sheriff’s Office Was Serving a Search Warrant on A House

Bill DiRenzo Nov. 2, 2021

The Broward Sheriff’s Office was serving a search warrant on a house. Prior to serving a search warrant, Florida Law requires that the police “knock and announce” their presence before entering the residence. The defense filied a Motion to Suppress alledging that the police did not knock and announce their presence. A hearing was held and the lead detective an the case testified that the SWAT team knocked on the door very loud … They yelled very loud, Broward Sheriff’s Office, SWAT Team, Search Warrant, Broward Sheriff’s Office, SWAT Team, and pretty much the whole team yelled it, not just the reachers, the person that is conducting the knock and announce … the person at the front knocked on the door, yelled Broward Sheriff’s Office, SWAT Team, search warrant. Then the rest of the team also repeats it so there is no way to misunderstand it.

However, there is a video taken by the crew of the Police Women of Broward County that completely contradicts the lead detectives testimony. The video shows the police walk right up to the front door, turn the knob, and walk right in the house. They never pause and they never announce their presence.

Now I ask you, do you truct the police?

The Courts are becoming more skeptical of police officers testimony in light of videos such as this that catch them in a bold face lie. If you are in this situation, please call the firm of DiRenzo Defense so we can fight for your rights.