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Criminal Appeals

If you have been convicted and sentenced in a criminal case you have the right to file for an appeal from an appellate court. An appellate court is the next senior court above the state or federal court where your case was heard. You will need to have a lawyer file a notice of appeal in state court within 30 days or within 10 days in federal court. For more information about making a criminal appeal you should speak to a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney at DiRenzo Defense. We can provide a free consultation to review the details of your case.

If your original defense attorney lost your case and you wish to appeal, it is usually wise to seek the help of another attorney who has the legal expertise necessary to deal directly with the appellate court. The skills necessary to successfully appeal and overturn a conviction are entirely different from those used by a defense lawyer in Court.

Your appellate lawyer must carefully and thoroughly review all the transcripts, motions, testimony, evidence and pleadings made before and during your trial. Every aspect of your case must be evaluated for any possible errors or incorrect legal procedure. Our defense and criminal appeal lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and Florida are prepared to vigorously pursue your appeal and provide the appellate court with arguments seek to overturn your conviction or sentencing.

Criminal Appeals Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

There are many important issues that can be raised in filing a direct appeal including:

  • Incorrect pre-trial rulings, especially motions to dismiss the case or to suppress evidence
  • Insufficient evidence at trial to warrant a conviction
  • Errors made by the trial court involving jury selection, improper jury instructions or harsh or excessive punishments
  • Ineffective or insufficient legal assistance provided by the defense counsel or public defender

The appellate court is not a trial court. It is an administrative and legal review of all the legal points regarding the application of existing laws and courtroom procedure in a criminal case. The preparation and presentation of a successful appeal is the result of painstaking case research and familiarity with the law.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Appeals lawyer if you wish to appeal your conviction in a criminal case. Get the comprehensive and dedicated legal representation you’ll need for a successful appeal.

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