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Petty Theft Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This type of theft is charged with the property unlawfully taken by the defendant is valued at less than $300.

Petty theft, or petit theft, is the crime of taking property that does not belong to you that is worth less than $300. The charge becomes grand theft, which is a felony if the value of the item taken is over $300. For the crime of petty theft to be proved by the state, they must show that you stole property with the intention to:

  • Deprive the other person of their right to the property, or benefit of the property, or that you

  • Took the property for your own personal use, or for the use of another who was not entitled to the use of that property

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It is Petit Theft of the First Degree if the property stolen is worth between $100 and $300, and you have a prior conviction for theft. If you have been convicted of Petit Theft of the First Degree, you may receive these penalties: one year in jail, one year of probation, a fine of up to $1000. If the value of the property taken is worth less than $100, the crime is Petit Theft on the Second Degree and carries any combination of: six months in jail, six months probation, a fine of up to $500. If you are convicted of petty theft, your driver’s license will be suspended for 6 months for the first offense, and for one year for each additional conviction.

If you have been arrested for petty theft, you should seek the counsel of an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer from DiRenzo Defense. We will investigate your case and fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

Defenses for Petty Theft in West Palm Beach and Miami

There are three main defenses for petty theft:

  • Equal ownership: the property is co-owned 50/50 with another and so can’t be considered stolen

  • Good faith possession: the person who took the property believes that have the right to do so

  • Valueless ownership: the property has no value, such as trash left by the roadside

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