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I Would Highly Recommend

Bill is a stand up guy as a professional and a person. I retained Bill for a tricky divorce and he was honest and upfront with my situation as it wasn’t easy. I would highly recommend Bill In any legal matter or referral, don’t hesitate using Bill he’s great!!

Robbie R.

Very Easily Accessible

Bill DiRenzo and his team at DiRenzo Defense expertly and very professionally handled my case! Mr. DiRenzo is very understanding and accommodating when it comes to paying your legal fees. Mr. DiRenzo is also very easily accessible by phone or by e-mail (whichever method you prefer) to give either legal advice or to answer any questions you may have concerning your case. I am very satisfied with the services and representation I received from DiRenzo Defense! I cannot speak highly enough about Bill DiRenzo! Bill is my "go-to", for all legal services and legal council. Very experienced and very professional!

I enthusiastically recommend DiRenzo Defense for all of your legal needs!


Truly a Professional

William Direnzo recently represented me in court. He is truly a professional at what he does. He took the time and walked me through every step of the case. It was all new to me. Not knowing what to expect because I have never found myself caught up in the system. I am very glad that I found him. He got me the best legal outcome possible in my case. I would highly recommend him.

Dean F.

Great Legal Advice

I recently had a very bad experience where I was entrapped in a bad situation. I have never been in trouble in my 63 years of life. I can't go into the details but it was very traumatic for me and could have ruined my retirement and the rest of my life and my relationship. Bill was very reassuring and responsive and guided me on every thing I needed to do. And more importantly he was reassuring at a time that I was devastated. He makes himself available to you at all times of day, answers his phone and returns text. He doesn't leave you hanging!!. Great legal advice and he is very well connected within Broward County legal system. I am so happy we went with him as our attorney. He saved my life!!!

Sam R.

Very Fast, and Utterly Efficient

Okay so I just had to leave a review for this man. He was unbelievably AMAZING!!! He knew my loved ones entire case a week before we even brought him on board. He is very fast, and utterly efficient!! He has done the absolute impossible today in court for my loved one! If you have a complex and very scary case, HE IS THE ONE FOR YOU!! The first offer my loved one got was 18 years PRISON, today in court the offer dropped to probation, curfews and meetings after bringing Mr. Direnzo on board. I can rant and rave all day about how utterly amazing of a job this man has done! He has restored my family and repaired what was broken. He is worth Every. Single. Penny! We cannot thank you enough for helping us today!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! If you want to double check this review to make sure it’s legit and real, I will happily confirm it over my personal email for anyone. , thank you again. God Bless you!!!

Josh R.

Highly Recommend the Services

Bill Direnzo is a great attorney with excellent knowledge to DUI case. He represented me in all hearings that I did not need to show up and met with me to discuss the case at the time I was available, which made the entire case have minimum impact on my life.

Before the trial, he evaluated all the evidences and advised me the chances of me winning the case as well as the consequences if were to be guilty. During the trial, he properly defended me and examined the testimony from state's witnesses.

I was found not guilty. I can not thank more for Bill and be more satisfied with the services I received.

Highly recommend the services from Bill Direnzo.

Ethan H.

Patient and Willing to Go Above and Beyond

I honestly am not one to leave reviews unless they are negative. However, Mr. Direnzo was so exceptionally knowledgeable, available, fluent in his understanding of the law, patient, and willing to go above and beyond that I feel compelled to commend and praise his work. My significant other was facing SIGNIFICANT time in prison due to his extensive prior history with the law and a violation of probation. Mr. Direnzo was able to get his score sheet minimum mandatory to less than half the time he was originally facing and not only that, but he was able to get him zero time in prison and got his probation reinstated. Mr. Direnzo was always available to answer my questions and went over his options with me on numerous occasions because sometimes these things aren’t easy to comprehend. I truly feel he was an advocate for my boyfriend and I could not be any happier. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone with legal troubles. He doesn't always tell you what you want to hear but he is honest and forthcoming about the status of your case and will do his best to appease the situation. His rates are fair but candidly speaking you just can’t put a price on justice or your freedom.

Karla F.

He Genuinely Cares About Each of His Clients

If you are looking for an AMAZING attorney, then look no further than Bill DiRenzo. Not only did he get me the best possible outcome on my case, he genuinely cares about each of his clients. Anytime I had a question I knew he would always answer my call and give me the best advice. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon him because I’ve reached out to him since my case has been solved for questions about something unrelated and he was more than happy to help me out. This guy will fight like hell for you and he’s one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. Thank you so much Bill, I’m forever grateful for you!

Raquel D.

A True Professional Attorney

William did an outstanding job for my kid when he got himself in a little jam.

He was responsive to our needs and made the ball roll when needed.

Ultimately, the conclusion was a win. It didn't come easy and it was stressful as heck... but the steadfast tenacity and legal maneuvering could only be accomplished by a lawyers with years and years of experience such as Willaim's. His calm and cool demeanor was able to prevail and save a young life.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Direnzo as a true professional attorney to represent your needs. Thank you again.

Buddy L.

I Would Highly Recommend

Bill DiRenzo was a breath of fresh air during circumstances that were devastating and potentially disastrous. His calm and reassuring approach to our situation was exactly what I needed to keep from losing hope. He was easy to talk to, took time to explain things I didn't understand, and always returned my calls promptly. It is clear that Mr.DiRenzo truly cares about his clients and their families. I feel my words fall short of expressing my heartfelt gratitude for his experience, professionalism, and sincere compassion. I would highly recommend Bill DiRenzo to anyone who finds themselves or a loved one in need of a phenomenal defense attorney.

Susannah N.

Superior Legal Services

Bill provided us with first rate legal advice, and superior legal services. The outcome was just what we hoped for! Bill DiRenzo is a first rate attorney, and we highly recommend him for your legal needs.

Earl H.

Well Spoken, Well Mannered, Educated, and Very Tactful

This review has been a LONG time coming. I used Mr. Direnzo's services and found he and his firm to be extremely professional and accommodating.

Mr. Direnzo was well spoken, well mannered, educated, and very tactful in his handling of my situation.

I pray I never need to utilize his services again but he would be my first phone call if I indeed needed to.

My case lasted nearly three years and he was always on top of it and returned my phone calls almost immediately and even took my calls when he was with his family out of the office which I told him was not necessary.

All in all... five stars!

J.P. C.

An All Around Great Guy

"I'm Innocent"

It is undeniable that we all get in a little trouble at some point in our lives. Virtually always at fault - plain and simple, however, not always entirely deserving of the legal penalties involved.

One early evening I decided to spend a couple hours with colleagues at a restaurant in East Boca Raton and throughout that time I may or may have not enjoyed three glasses of wine and an hors d'oeuvre or two.

After a nice hangout, I decided to go home (2 minutes away) ($3-5 uber away) -- I know, crazy to not just uber home and leave your car at the restaurant. I think it is safe to say we have all done this a number of times and some of us, on way more than just three glasses of Malbec.

Overexcited, I took off a little fast on the way home I'd say atleast 20-25 miles per hour over the speed limit and mind you it was in a municipal area.

At first the police officer was kind when I asked him why I was being pulled over. The officer of course mentioned the speeding and returned back to his car with my license and registration. When the officer returned he and I began to speak about this ticket and he said "wait a second, I feel like I smell alcohol on your breath." Of course I comforted the officer, letting him know that I have had absolutely nothing to drink this evening and that I was on the way home. This officer asked me if I would take a field test and breathalyzer test. Respectfully I declined because I felt it was completely unnecessary to do so, and I expressed that to the offer precisely. The officer then asked me to step out of the car and asked me if I have any weapons. Naturally I said "what? no of course not." Then I remembered I had a prop (brass knuckles) from a TV series I help produce in a compartment of my car, simply forgot. So the officer put me under arrest, suspended my license immediately because of the concealed weapon and because of the refusal to take the tests and put me in holding and jail for about 12-14 hours. Not to mention the mugshot and the extortion that goes along with it (excluding Boca News Now - They are cool). Anyways, I lost track of time in there distracted from the lovely company inside and feces on the ceiling, however, I do remember feeling treated equally to both the former and latter.

Here is when it gets great. I am very fortunate, honored, blessed, incredibly lucky, and immensely grateful for meeting a gentleman named William (Bill) Direnzo - The man and a real legend. I should never have second guessed Bill but I decided to call a prestigious lawyer friend and ask about Mr. Direnzo anyways. It was a faint memory but my friend remembered Bill from his past. He said that Bill was an all around great guy and always willing to give you some good advice. Most of all my friend described Bill as an excellent attorney and I could not agree more. There are givers and takers in this beautiful world and Bill is a giver. I am young and starting my life and finally saving money and Bill understood me. Bill offered an insanely reasonable payment plan. Bill knew the case was a sure win and decided not to overcharge me as most lawyers would and still do. I would not dare reveal the numbers because they are too kind. Second to none, Bill succeeded in reasoning with both the "DMV Court" and Criminal court and convinced them to basically throw out my case and all charges were removed immediately. Pretty soon after I got my license back because the refusal was dropped along with the weapons charge, potential DUI and speeding. If likeability and personability are variables that factor in court, I am no longer surprised that Bill took my case and won with grace. I now consider Bill a friend and I will forever endorse him and refer him to my friends, family and anyone in need of a seasoned attorney with incredible character.

It still feels like every good deed I have ever done, cashed in the second I met Bill. Thank you Bill, I will always appreciate you for protecting my future.


He Put My Mind at Ease

Obviously, anytime that you may need a criminal defense attorney it's most likely a very stressfull time for you. Mr Direnzo did a wonderfull job explaining my situation, what my opptions were, and likely statigies we would impliment. He put my mind at ease. He explained what we were going to do and what would most likely happen after we did those things. He was spot on,in every aspect. After only one court appearance my case was dismissed. I truely hope that I never have to use the services of criminal defense attorney again, but if I ever do, it will be William DiRenzo. Thanks again Mr DiRenzo, Your the best !!

Jason I.