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In the State of Florida, it is possible to have a prior arrest or criminal conviction record sealed or destroyed through the process of expungement. There is a difference between having your record sealed and having your record expunged. When a criminal history record is sealed, the public will not have access to it. Certain governmental or related entities, primarily those listed in s. 943.059(4)(a), Florida Statutes, have access to sealed record information in its entirety. When a record has been expunged, those entities which would have access to a sealed record will be informed that the subject of the record has had a record expunged, but would not have access to the record itself without a court order. All they would receive is a caveat statement indicating that “Criminal Information has been Expunged from this Record

If you intend to petition for an expungement or sealing but are unsure as to how exactly to proceed, contact a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney today. An attorney can provide you with the assistance that will give you a strong chance of successfully petitioning the court to have a criminal record expunged or sealed.

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There are many offenses that are eligible for expungement/sealing in Florida, both felony and misdemeanor. Those that qualify generally include offenses for which you were later acquitted or in which the charges were eventually dropped. As background checks have become more and more common in situations such as employment interviews or purchasing a home or car, an expungement can greatly benefit an individual who has a prior arrest or conviction that may otherwise limit their ability to lead a normal life.

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A large number of criminal offenses are eligible for expungement once the sentence is complete, including probation. DiRenzo Defense is available to provide you with assistance in determining the eligibility of your arrest or conviction for sealing or expungement. Our legal team possesses over 30 years of experience in handling all manner of criminal cases, including filing for sealing and/or expungements on behalf of our clients. We can petition the court on your behalf and work to reach a possible outcome to your case that is highly beneficial to you and your future. Are you seeking the expungement of a prior arrest or criminal conviction? Contact a Fort Lauderdale Expungement Lawyer who can provide you with legal assistance by petitioning the court on your behalf.