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Sex Crimes Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sex crimes are considered very serious criminal offenses in the United States and are usually met with substantial penalties. These penalties frequently include considerable jail or prison time, especially if the sex crime is a federal offense, such as the manufacture or dissemination of child pornography. In addition to the penalties levied, an individual convicted of a sex crime must deal with the life-long stigma of being found guilty, and they may suffer greatly in their personal relationships.

In addition, they may have to register as a sex offender where they live, and may also have difficulty obtaining gainful employment or purchasing a home. Even a misdemeanor sex crime conviction has the potential to cause difficulty to a person for the rest of their life.

For serious charges, you need serious representation.

If you have been arrested for committing a sex crime, or are under investigation for the commission of a sex crime, then it is absolutely vital that you contact a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer right away. With a lawyer’s help, you may be able to reach a conclusion in your case that sees you fully cleared of the charges against you.

The attorney team at DiRenzo Defense possesses 17 years of legal experience, and that experience is put to full use in each case that we handle. Our goal as sex crime attorneys in Fort Lauderdale is to protect the rights of those charged with criminal offenses and ensure that they receive a fair trial in which all of the facts are accurately represented.

Contact our offices if you are facing sex crime charges, and we will do our utmost to ascertain all of the facts so that we can build a defense that will greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome to your case. Contact a Fort Lauderdale sex crime attorney if you have been charged with committing a sex crime and require legal representation in your case.