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Theft Crimes Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are a number of different charges that comprise a theft crime. From minor to serious, theft crimes can impact your life in many ways if you are convicted.

Fight Theft Charges in Fort Lauderdale

For first-time offenders and minor crimes, such as petty theft or shoplifting, it is possible for a skilled criminal defense lawyer to fight to obtain a reduction of charges or be dismissed altogether. Probation or counseling may be all that is required by the court. On the other hand, those charges that are serious in nature can lead to years in prison and harsh fines.

Our Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer at DiRenzo Defense can carefully investigate the circumstances of your case in order to provide you with the strongest defense possible. As former prosecutors, our attorneys at DiRenzo Defense have used their expertise to help thousands of individuals successfully win their cases.

Work with us to start building a strong defense.

Some Common Types of Theft Crimes Include:


This offense involves entering or attempting to enter a building with the intent to commit a crime once inside of the dwelling, structure, or conveyance.


Florida law defines robbery as the act of using physical force, assault, or threat of violence to take a victim’s property from their person or vicinity.


Although common, shoplifting is a serious criminal offense that occurs when a shop patron willingly takes an item without purchasing it or switches or alters the price tag on the item to lower its price.


This theft crime occurs when the defendant uses force, threats, or intimidation to remove an occupant or owner of a vehicle or hold the victim's hostage in order to take the motor vehicle.

Petty Theft

This type of theft is charged with the property unlawfully taken by the defendant is valued at less than $300.

Grand Theft

Grand theft is charged if the defendant is accused of taking property that is valued at more than $300.

Armed Robbery

This increased charge is filed when the defendant uses a weapon during the act of robbing the victim of their personal property.