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Warrants Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you or a loved one has an outstanding arrest warrant, the worst thing you can do is ignore it or try to avoid the problem. Anything other than immediately addressing a warrant with the help of a warrant attorney will only make the situation worse, as well as increase fines or sentencing that you will face. Getting the legal assistance of a warrant attorney to help you with your situation can often lessen the penalties and allow you to resolve your case in the best possible manner.

If you have a warrant issued for your arrest please speak to a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer at DiRenzo Defense to help you handle the situation. We will inform you of your rights and explain what your best options are to handle the matter.

If you do not take action when a bench warrant is issued, the police can arrest you at any time. To avoid the public humiliation of being arrested at work or while driving your car, you should meet with us to determine the best way to deal with your warrant. We may be able to fight the warrant without having to go into custody or arrange for you to surrender voluntarily and not need to be held unnecessarily.

Ignoring an outstanding arrest warrant will only make things worse. Let us advise you on a path forward.

Get Help from A Warrant Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Once we help you establish the terms of your warrant we can represent you and recommend the best way to handle your arrest warrant. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Appear with you in court on a Motion for In Court Surrender and request that the judge withdraw the warrant for your arrest. You may not even need to go to jail or post bail.

  • If a bail bond is necessary, we can assist in having bail bondsmen in place to facilitate the bond process. This could limit the time you remain in custody.

  • If the warrant was issued for failure to appear, we can present evidence showing your failure to appear was accidental or unintentional because you did not get proper notice and attempt to get the warrant dismissed.

  • If you cannot afford the bond, we can represent you and petition the court to reduce the bond amount.

Once the warrant has been addressed, we can then proceed to represent you in your defense against the original charges. Handling any outstanding warrants for your arrest effectively will allow us to present a much more effective and aggressive defense on your behalf. Contact a Fort Lauderdale Warrant Attorney if you have outstanding arrest warrants for help getting them resolved quickly.