Blood Tests

Ft. Lauderdale DUI Attorney

Blood tests are far less frequent than breath tests. Blood tests are often done after an auto accident. For example, an individual can be involved in an accident, be transported to the hospital, have their blood drawn, and be released from the hospital without be charged with a crime. Months later, the police can arrest that person for DUI if the blood tests come back above the legal limit of .08. You must call a DUI lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale immediately. We will investigate if the blood test was conducted according to law. Did the law enforcement officer have the right to draw blood? Did you consent to the blood test? Did the officer inform you that he was taking your blood? Was the blood taken for medical purposes? An experienced DUI lawyer will investigate for factors that may invalidate the test results. With what he finds, he will fight to have the results thrown out and charges dismissed.

Defenses to Blood Test Results

  • Was the technician who took the blood certified to do so?
  • Did he properly clean the site before drawing the blood?
  • Was there an improper concentration of preservatives in the blood sample?
  • Was the chain of custody of the sample maintained? Is the blood sample actually the defendant’s?
  • Was the sample refrigerated properly?
  • Did the analyst do his job according to procedure?

DUI Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

We DiRenzo Defense defend clients in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida charged with DUI. We understand the seriousness of DUI charges and work relentlessly for dismissal or acquittal. When we take on a case we check all possible defenses. Was the stop legal? Were the blood tests administered properly? We have successfully defended many clients saving them from a DUI conviction and protecting their driving privileges.