DMV Hearings

Fort Lauderdale DMV Hearings AttorneyHave You Received a Notice of Driver’s License Suspension?

If you have been arrested for DUI in Florida, your driver’s license was most likely suspended. YOU ONLY HAVE 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF YOUR ARREST TO CHALLENGE YOUR SUSPENSION. If you gave a breath test above .08, your license was likely suspended for 6 months. If you refused to provide a breath test, your license was likely suspended for 12 months if this was your first refusal and for 18 months if you have previously refused a breath test. We must petition the Department of Motor Vehicles for a formal review hearing to challenge your suspension. Once we file for this hearing, we will get you a temporary driving permit so you can drive to and from work. This hearing is the only opportunity you have to contest your license suspension. If you do not act within the 10 days following your arrest, your license will automatically be suspended. We have handled thousands of these formal review hearings. To increase your chances of keeping your license, it is vital that you contact a Ft. Lauderdale DUI attorney to fight your license suspension or license revocation.

DMV Hearings

At DMV hearings, hearing officer acts as both prosecutor and judge. In these hearings, they review the police record of the DUI arrest, the alcohol test results and makes a determination. Your attorney will have the right to subpoena and cross examine witnesses at these hearing. Evidence may attempt to be presented that is not proper at a DMV hearing and your attorney must object to certain evidence. If certain evidence is kept out of the hearing, we can be successful in getting your license back. Your attorney may challenge your suspension on a number of grounds. Possible challenges at the hearing includes, the legality of the stop, legality of the reports, whether the test was properly administered, whether the breath test was working properly, whether you actually refused the breath test, and whether the breath test results were over the legal limit.

If you refused to take the breath test, your attorney must determine whether the police officer told you that you could lose your driver’s license if you fail to take the test and whether you positively refused take the test.

DMV Hearings Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

Some attorney’s believe that these hearing can not be won. We do not feel that way. We will fight for your driver’s license because we know how important your driving privileges are. We at DiRenzo Defense serve the community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with vigilant defense of driver’s licenses at DMV hearings. We have saved many licenses with relentless challenging of state evidence at DMV hearings. If your license is on the line, we would like to hear from you immediately. It is vital that hearings be requested at once or the deadline may pass.

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