DUI Manslaughter Attorney

Have You Been Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter?

If you have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, you must speak with a Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney immediately. You are going to be aggressively prosecuted, usually by a high quality career prosecutor, and need to have an experienced attorney at your side. The prosecution and law enforcement will work together to ensure that they gather all evidence and attempt to secure a conviction. High profile cases that include loss of life in a DUI case are given heavy attention in the Ft. Lauderdale area. You must speak with an attorney from the very beginning, this will improve your chances of gather any potential evidence favorable to you.

Vehicular manslaughter charges can be brought against anyone that is involved in an auto accident that results in a fatality. In the state of Florida, if you are convicted of DUI manslaughter, you will be facing up to 15 years in prison. Those that are charged with leaving the scene of a vehicular manslaughter charge could face up to 30 years in prison. In a prosecution for vehicular manslaughter, the State must prove that the drunk driver caused or contributed to the accident. This is often o point of contention in a DUI Manslaughter case. This serious criminal charge demands immediate action by a qualified and aggressive defense lawyer from our firm.

Our legal team will exhaustively research every aspect of your case from the way the BAC test was administered to the way in which you were arrested. There are many defense strategies we have successfully used in order to keep our clients out of jail and without a conviction on their record. It is important not to waste any time so if you are facing charges and we urge you to contact us at once.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney from the firm today.