Multiple DUI

What to do in the case of a multiple DUI

Florida law penalizes a second, third or subsequent DUI offense more harshly. If you have been arrested for DUI and this is not your first offense it is crucial to get the help of an experienced Ft. Lauderdale DUI attorney who will work with you to build an effective defense.

Multiple DUI Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

Repeat offenders are viewed much more seriously by local prosecutors. If it is a second DUI within five years of the first, you will be subject to mandatory jail time as well as a 5 year driver’s license suspension, among other penalties.

A third offense within 10 years of your second offense can be filed as a felony and result in incarceration for up to five years and a license suspension for up to 10 years, among other penalties. Insurance premiums will increase significantly and employment may be affected. A skilled multiple DUI lawyer at our firm will investigate every possible avenue to get the charges dismissed or reduced.

Our legal team is diligent about answering questions and being available to discuss progress in your case. We understand what is at stake and do everything possible to achieve a positive outcome for a client. We have earned our reputation throughout Fort Lauderdale by relentlessly defending our client’s rights, holding law enforcement officers to a high standard of conduct and aggressively challenging flaws in the prosecution’s case. Contact a lawyer from DiRenzo Defense for a consultation with a skilled DUI lawyer who fights to win.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale Multiple DUI Attorney at the firm who will work with you to construct an effective defense strategy.