Sobriety Checkpoints

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From time to time Ft. Lauderdale police set up sobriety checkpoints where they stop each driver and check for DUI. This often happens during holidays or when students gather for parties. If you have been stopped at a checkpoint and charged with DUI, you are facing jail time and driver’s license suspension. You are urged to contact a DUI lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to increase your chances of dismissal of charges and recovery of your driver’s license.

Officers Must Have Probable Cause to Stop a Vehicle

Generally speaking, a police officer can not stop a vehicle without cause. However, Florida courts have upheld Sobriety Checkpoint so long as law enforcements follows certain rules. The police MUST have prewritten guidelines that law out the steps to follow at these checkpoints. If these guidelines do not conform to the law, your case may be dismissed.

Call Our Proven DUI Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

At DiRenzo Defense, we offer determined challenge to our clients’ arrests at Sobriety Checkpoints on all available Constitutional and procedural grounds. We will secure a copy of the documents the police are required to prepare for a Sobriety Checkpoint and make sure they followed the law and your rights were not violated. We have helped many clients in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida arrested at Sobriety Checkpoints beat their charges and recover their driver’s licenses. We urge you to contact us now for a free consultation. We need to start on your defense before appeal deadlines pass.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale DUI Attorney at the firm if you have been arrested at sobriety checkpoints.