DUI Expungements

West Palm Beach DUI Expungement Attorney

Many of us have had a DUI conviction in the past, sometimes years ago. Nonetheless, the conviction sits on our criminal record for any potential employer to find should they do a background check. Even when the conviction is years ago, you will have this conviction on your record – they do not disappear over time. In order to clean your record, there is a legal action you can take to expunge the conviction. This will seal the conviction and make it inaccessible to those who are doing a background check for any purpose, whether potential employer, business partners or other purpose. We at DiRenzo & Weick are very familiar with DUI expungements and can assist those who want to clean their record.

DUI Expungements in West Palm Beach

An error in judgment in the past should not haunt you for the rest of your life, and expungement allows you to have your criminal record reflect your current situation. Those who have led a law-abiding life since the conviction have the opportunity to get the conviction off their record. If they are later arrested for DUI, the file can once again be exposed to the prosecutor.

The requirements for an expungement include that you have no outstanding criminal charges, have fulfilled all the requirements of your DUI conviction, including alcohol classes, fines paid, as well as probation requirements fulfilled. We can assist you in getting your criminal record cleaned of DUI conviction. This procedure is well worth the effort, as the DUI conviction can have a very detrimental effect on those who are seeking employment. Many have been passed over due to a DUI conviction on their criminal record, even when years in the past, as the potential employer, business partner or other person immediately feels that the individual involved could have an alcohol problem and may choose another person based on that information.

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