DUI’s Involving Drugs

West Palm Beach DUID Attorney - Have you been arrested for a DUID?

Many people are aware of the life-altering penalties that can be brought against them for a DUI charge. Less well known, however, may be the negative ramifications a DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) charge can bring. The rules and regulations involving driving under the influence of drugs charges are not as well defined and DUI laws. A conviction on a DUID is dangerous, and you can be benefited by immediately contacting a West Palm Beach DUI attorney. We have helped many clients to overcome serious DUID penalties.

There is no law that states the exact amount of a drug that is considered unlawful to have in your body while driving. In addition, one amount of one drug may affect someone else differently than it affects you. Our firm will conduct a thorough investigation into every driving under the influence of drugs case it takes on. In some cases, there was not “probable cause” to pull someone over. In such a case, the charges may be deemed unconstitutional and the evidence will not be allowed in court. There are many defenses that help those that have been wrongfully convicted prevail. Without the help of a skilled attorney you may never know what these defenses are let alone how much they could have assisted you with your case.

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Our firm has over 16 years of experience defending those who have been charged with a DUI. Our lead attorney is highly knowledgeable in DUI law and has experience as a prosecutor as well. By utilizing this experience, we are able to help many of our clients obtain a positive case outcome. If you have been arrested for a DUI, please speak with one of our attorneys immediately.

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