Out Of State DUI

West Palm Beach Out of State DUI Attorney - West Palm Beach Attorney for Out of State DUI Arrests

Every year a multitude of tourists come to Florida to enjoy its scenery, sunshine and recreational opportunities. The situation can arise that a visitor to the state is pulled over and arrested for a DUI. You are not out of the reach of the law. You can’t go home and leave your troubles behind. Unfortunately they will follow you there and if not handled in a timely manner with the Florida courts the penalties and consequences can be greatly aggravated. Not taking care of your obligation to appear for your initial and all subsequent court dates in Florida would be just as serious as ignoring those mandated appearances at home.

Florida is one of 45 states that belong to the “Drivers License Compact”. This is a multi-state agreement to report violations to a National Drivers Register and enables every state DMV agency to have access and be notified of driving violations that take place in other states. When your DUI is recorded in Florida then your home state DMV will also be notified and will likely suspend your license as well. You must address this charge in the Florida legal system and this is best done with the help of a West Palm Beach DUI attorney that has extensive experience in handling such cases.

At DiRenzo & Weick we are well acquainted with assisting out of state residents with DUI charges. We can fully represent you in the courtroom as well as in any DMV hearings. In most cases you will never need to return for any court dates or appearances and we will be able to handle the entirety of the case on your behalf.

Your Home State DMV and Drivers License

There are only five states that do not belong to the “Drivers License Compact” which are Massachusetts, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Tennessee. All others will be notified of your DUI arrest and can likely suspend your license if not addressed correctly and in a timely manner. If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer here in West Palm Beach, they cannot seize your license but they will inform you that your driving privileges will be suspended in Florida. The timeline for handling this falls within 10 days of your DUI arrest. It is important to observe this date or you will further jeopardize your home state driving eligibility.

We have the experience and track record to fully represent you when you have been charged with a DUI and live out of state. Contact a West Palm Beach out of State DUI Attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.