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A Recanting Victim Is Always Beneficial from A Defense Standpoint

Bill DiRenzo Nov. 2, 2021

A recanting victim is always beneficial from a defense standpoint, however, the fact that an alleged victim later changes his story will not result in a dropping of the charges in Florida. This is because detectives investigating sex crimes are trained to scrutinize conflicting statements where minor children are involved.

Broward Criminal Lawyers routinely come across investigators hold to beliefs that a child victim was originally telling the truth about a crime. Later changes in testimony regarding their recollection of the facts are often seen as false and considered to be fabricated by the victim rather than as exculpatory evidence.

A recent study found that up to 25% of child victims of sexual abuse in Florida changed their recollection of the facts giving rise to an arrest in some significant shape or form. This creates significant problems for the prosecutor, obviously, however will not guarantee that the criminal action be closed. Attorney Weick attributes this to a belief by detectives that outside influences such as family pressure not to tell are being heavily forced on the child victim.

Officers believe the original statements in most cases explains Weick.

Criminal investigations that involve a division of family are troubling for detectives. After representing people accused of sex crimes in Broward County for so many years, I have seen first hand the toll taken by all involved.

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