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In Order to Provide a Reliable Breath Test, You Must Blow Enough Air Into the Machine in Order to Obtain a Valid Result.

Bill DiRenzo Nov. 2, 2021

In order to provide a reliable breath test, you must blow enough air into the machine in order to obtain a valid result. This air is measured by a “flow sensor”. In some breath machines around the state, these flow sensors may be malfunctioning. The minimum amount of air required for a valid sample is 1.1 liters of breath. This minimum is required as the machine are attempting to get to the “deep lung air” as that is the air that most closely resembles ones blood alcohol level. Apparently, some machines were reporting breath levels (liters of breath) that were well in excess of what the human body can actually produce. This could lead to inaccurate results. Also, this is an indication that the machine was not working properly and your breath results may be excluded from evidence.