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Many Prospective Clients Ask, “Do I Need a Lawyer?

Bill DiRenzo Nov. 2, 2021

Many prospective clients ask, “do I need a lawyer?” Unfortunately, the answer is, “it depends.” If you are charged with a Federal Crime or a Felony Offense then you need a lawyer. In fact, a Judge will not allow a defendant to represent themselves in those Courts without a detailed inquiry as to the individuals ability to defend themselves. It is best to get a criminal defense lawyer involved as soon as possible. Criminal defense lawyers can speak with case filers in an attempt to have your case dismissed before charges are filed. They can explain what options you may have available based on your charges (for example, drug court programs or pre trial diversion programs). Criminal defense lawyers can review police reports, take depositions, file motions to suppress or dismiss, and speak with prosecutors about having charges dropped on your behalf. More importantly, criminal defense lawyers counsel their clients on the best course of action for their situation. If you were arrested and do not know if your should hire a lawyer, call Direnzo Defense today and we can answer your questions to assist you in making that decision.