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Officer Pulled Over

Bill DiRenzo Nov. 2, 2021

Recently in the news in Broward county, there has been an issue with a Dade County police officer speeding through Broward County and being pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrol officer. The Dade County officer was not cooperative and reports indicate that he did not pull over for quite some time. The trooper actually got him out of the car at gunpoint. Since this incident, investigations have ben conducted regarding police officer speeding using the sunpass system. The investigation has had alarming results, cops speed all the time both on and off duty. Some cops exceed 100 mph on certain stretches. Is anything done about this? For the most part, no. The moral of the story, some cops believe they can do whatever they want. From speeding on the road to changing testimony in Court to secure a conviction. If you have encountered this problem, call DiRenzo Defense, we can help.