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Special Investigators Learn to Recognize Subtle Cues that May Be Indicative of Abuse by Immediate Family Members and Within the Home

Bill DiRenzo Nov. 2, 2021

Special investigators learn to recognize subtle cues that may be indicative of abuse by immediate family members and within the home. Sex Crime Detectives in Broward County maintain close working relationships with centers for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

While not as prevalent as it was only a decade ago, victim advocacy representatives actively keep contact with alleged victims of abuse.

Victims of sexual abuse are not like the victims of more common crimes for obvious reasons. Failure to protect the victim despite their fragile state can result in a failed prosecution for the State and a failed emotional recovery for the victim.

We are talking about a victim who is severely distraught in most cases and is also, unfortunately, carrying a majority of the evidence needed in prosecuting the assailant. Microfibers, bodily fluid samples, DNA, and blood must all be correctly collected from procedural and investigatory standpoint claims.